Straight For The Sun

Single Review: ‘Walk’ Straight For The Sun

Single Review: ‘Walk’ Straight For The Sun
For Fans Of: Shinedown, Killswitch Engage

For a band that enjoy performing live , there has been no worse time for a lockdown. Straight For The Sun have had to reschedule their 02 Academy Headline show (currently to 28th of November) and other announcements have gone on hold. In the meantime the five lads from the West Midlands have been working hard on the release of new single ‘Walk’ and the upcoming album.

‘Walk’ has been a fan favourite from the band’s live set since they formed in 2017. With vocal harmonies , frantic guitars riffs, and Callum’s gnarly vocals, ‘Walk’ delivers at every level. The Birmingham based rock band are well known for delivering catchy melodies, and ‘Walk’ is no exception with it’s singalong chorus “I need it more than ever, I need it more than ever …” it’s guaranteed to get music fans to the barrier to bang heads. If guitarists Pauly Barter and Tom Haywood have equals in the Birmingham live music scene then they will surely be looking on in envy at this track, and wondering what the new album will bring.

Straight For The Sun said about the single:

[‘Walk’]​ is based around the struggle of alcoholism and a person generally feeling trapped or in a dark place and feeling like there is no way out of whatever situation / struggle they are in. It has a pretty heavy song meaning for the band members ourselves personally as most of us have had an experience with someone we know who struggles with this. In a way this is our way of letting those people know we are there for them to help with whatever they need no matter what they are going through.”

Straight For The Sun recorded ‘Walk’ at SLL Studios with local producer Jay Shredder, who also worked on earlier single Sirens, and the band’s debut EP ‘No Tomorrow’.


Callum Green – Vocals

Pauly Barter – Guitar

Tom Haywood – Guitar

Oz Jackson – Bass

Jamie Human – Drums


“Villains” (Single, March 2018) Producer: Miguel Seco

“Sirens” (Single, December 2018) Producer: Jay Shredder

“Unbound” (Single, March 2019) Producer: Jay Shredder

“No Tomorrow” (EP, May 2019) Producer: Jay Shredder

‘Walk’ (Single, May 2020) Producer. Jay Shredder