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EP Review: ‘Word On The Street’ The Vonics

Indie and alt rock bands have seen a resurgence in 2020 with the likes of Pale Waves, Goat Girl and Wolf Alice. Likewise this year’s Black Country Music Awards shortlist features several  indie and alt rock bands with new releases. Riding high among the crop of new indie bands in the Black Country is Dudley’s The Vonics who have kindly shared a copy debut EP ‘Word on the Street’. 

The Vonics have been shortlisted in three categories this year: Best New Act,  Best Indie Band, and Best Live Act. The awards are particularly important as they are voted for by the local music community.

Fans of The Vonics will already be familiar with the single ‘She’s on Fire’ released in March.  The single has featured on the OFI Podcast and Indie Star Rocks Radio. 

‘Within My Soul’ is an instant favourite from the six tracks on offer on the EP. There’s  a toe-tapping melody that blends well with Scott’s bluesy vocals, with a catchy guitar hook that keeps you coming back. ‘Within my Soul’ is available on The Vonics Spotify account and has been played at the stands of Premier League football club, Wolverhampton Wanderers.  There are video links below from The Vonics youtube channel. 

‘All Been Done’ is a sombre track about the repetitiveness of modern life. Scott’s catchy chorus creates a feel good singalong vibe that counteracts the theme of the lyrics.  The guitars slowly build to a crescendo and explode with Mark’s lead guitar solo at 3:45. 

‘Velvet Skies’  and ‘The World Turns Around’ are both fast paced and uplifting. John and Mark on bass and drums got my head nodding along to the beat every time these tracks came on. There’s something of The Twang and Shed Seven in the guitar melodies to both tracks that gives a nod to the halcyon days of nineties brit pop. ‘Let The Love Inside’ provides a soothing indie ballad which is in contrast to the other tracks and gives the EP a full and diverse range of sounds. 

Birmingham Live Bands verdict: 8/10 The Vonics ‘Within My Soul’ is full of well crafted uplifting and soulful beats, and a must have for Black Country Indie fans.

‘Word on the Street’ is due to be released on 29th May 2020.  

Track listing:

1. The World Turns Around

2. Velvet Skies

3. She’s On Fire (released as a single on 30th March 2020)

4. Let The Love Inside

5. Within My Soul (released as a single on 27th May 2019)

6. All Been Done

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The Vonics are:

Scott Robinson  – Vocals

Mark Hancox – Guitar

Chris Dixon – Guitar

John Webb – Bass

Mark Oliver – Drums