Single review: ‘Lucid Mango’ by Meagre Demeanour

It’s difficult not to enjoy Meagre Demeanour’s bouncy indie rock debut with its infectious guitar  melodies and uplifting vocals. The five lads based in Durham have worked hard during 2020 to produce a deeply original song which is sure to attract new fans.  ‘Lucid Mango’ is bursting with emotion, a modern tale of relationship woes, which combines searing synths and sudden tempo changes, to create a very satisfying listen. 

Less than a year has passed since Meagre Demeanour performed their debut gig in Durham. The band’s follow up gig in March sold over 130 tickets at The Library Durham.  The event was headlined by established indie band The Common View who have also released new material during the lock-down, crowd-funded by fans of the band. If it wasn’t for social distancing it’s easy to imagine both Meagre Demeanour and The Common View performing to much bigger crowds this summer, and delighting fans up and down the UK.

‘Lucid Mango’ will not disappoint fans that first saw Meagre Demeanour performing live. The recording, mixing and production of the track has all been done by the band themselves during lock-down. The result is a fresh and energetic sound, that jumps out of the headphones and carries the listener up onto the live stage. From the opening guitar hook to the final synth, the instruments sound crisp and clear, a remarkable achievement for a debut single.

In addition to the chiming guitar tones and soaring drum fills, there’s also a huge range of emotion to Charlie Procter’s vocals. Whether it’s the chirpy chorus line “who comes first? Leave her to deny” or the refrain “They can’t touch us here, we’re free from the fight” the lyrics are intense and vibrant. ‘Lucid Mango’ reflects on a relationship in turmoil and the listener is given a front seat view.

Whatever life throws at Meagre Demeanour we can only hope that they make their way back to the stage soon, with an opportunity for fans to enjoy ‘Lucid Mango’ live and loud, as intended.

Meagre Demeanour are:

Vocals – Charlie Procter

Guitar – Finn O’Sullivan

Bass/Guitar – Dan Elliott

Bass/Synth – Kuba Lewandowski

Drums – Luke Parker

Artwork from James Bailey

Images from Durham Photographer by Matt Jaworski