EP Review: ‘Of Gods And Beasts’ Elimination

Hammerfest hell-raisers Elimination have shared a copy of new EP ‘Of Gods And Beasts’ ahead of its release on Friday 7th August 2020. This three track EP is a gut punch of frenzied thrash and hardcore that promises a lot more to come from the East Anglian trio.

Title track ‘In the Name of Violence’ can be found on Elimination’s youtube channel already. The 4 minute track delivers harsh guitar tones with toxic lyrics and thumping beats. “Nothing is left in the wake of blood shed!” screams the chorus as the track takes hold and forces you to head bang along to the end.

Elimination are driven by hardcore and thrash metal influences including Kreator, Death, and Slayer to name a few.

“The Return” has a twisting bass groove that gets you and “What Have I Done” has the band shifting tempo to keep listeners on their toes.

Live music fans will have seen Elimination during their live performances throughout the UK, with many well known bands including Accept, Evile, Gama Bomb, Forbidden, Criminal, WOLF and more.

If you enjoy “Of Gods And Beasts” check out 2009 release “Destroyed By Creation” as well as “The Blood Of titans”, which was released via Transcend Records and was supported with a UK tour alongside the mighty Evile on the ‘Infected Nations’

Elimination are: Neil Stevens, Leigh Rumsby (Stahlsarg) and David Hill

“Of Gods And Beasts was Recorded at HVR Studio and produced by Danny B of Criminal.


1. In the Name of Violence

2. The Return

3. What have I done

You can currently pre-order Elimination’s new EP from their Bandcamp but ‘Of Gods & Beasts’

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