Album Review: Divine Chaos ‘The Way To Oblivion’

Album Review: Divine Chaos ‘The Way To Oblivion’

Artwork by: Kumislizer Design

Release Date: April 24th 2020

With Metal 2 The Masses currently on hold around the UK , metal fans have been left short of new music and live gigs. Thankfully five piece thrash metal band Divine Chaos have been back in the studio recording a new full length album ‘A New Dawn in the Age of War’ for our listening pleasure.  

Album Review: Divine Chaos ‘The Way To Oblivion’

‘The Way To Oblivion’ harnesses all the angst of a breakthrough thrash album combined with the experience of a battle hardened live band. From the fast paced riffs of Suicide Salvation to the murky world of Murder for Sale,  ‘The Way To Oblivion’ pulses with raw energy. Nothing has slowed down from the band’s 2014 release ‘A New Age In The Dawn Of War’. The bitterness and raw aggression of Decivilise  and Nations Damnation are as urgent as any new thrash metal band getting on stage for their first M2TM and fighting their way to the first festival slot.

For a circle pit in your living room, take a listen to personal favourite, Upon the Shrine which has that filthy groove, and ear-catching hook which gets you off your seat and jumping on the furniture. Once the lockdown ends and music fans are packing venues around the UK, this will be an almighty track to hear live. 

Birmingham Live Bands Verdict: 8/10 ‘The Way To Oblivion’ is paved with spine crushing riffs and gnarly growls. UK thrash metal fans are in safe hands with Divine Chaos. 

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Divine Chaos are:

Vocals: Jut Tabor Guitar: Chris O’Toole Guitar: Matt Gilmour Bass: Craig Daws Drums: James Stewart 

Additional Guitars: Josh Middleton, Aaron Waddingham

PR: Capsaarx Studios