EP Review ‘A Story Well Told’ Chapter Nineteen

Full of post hardocore angst and complex twisting lyrics, Chapter Nineteen have emerged triumphant with debut EP ‘A Story Well Told’. Dave Musson and Chris Piper are well known to music fans in the Midlands for previous outfits WAVE and Kyoto Drive respectively. Chapter Nineteen have also released three stand alone singles ‘Stephen’, ‘Clifton’, and ‘New Song’, available on Spotify

‘A Story Well Told’ is a concept EP with 7 new tracks that tell the tale of a band failing to find success.  ‘Why even try’ begins with a spoken word introduction, before picking up the story in ‘How is there hope’ , and concluding in ‘But what if this is’. Dave told Moshville Times that the concept was inspired by his experience with WAVE, who reached the final of Metal 2 The Masses in the Midlands, but disbanded shortly afterwards. 

‘When no-one believes in you’ is overflowing with teenage angst, spewing bile and torment from Dave’s infamous mint green G&L guitar. ‘How is there hope’(watch on YouTube) featuring Josh Redrup from Palm Reader, is a highlight with dense crunching riffs and powerful driving bass lines.  Influences including  Black Peaks,   Code Orange are of course Palm Reader are all prevalent here. The intensity and anger culminates in Dave screaming “They never loved you anyway!” part way through ‘But what if this is’. 

‘When nobody cares’(video on YouTube)  and ‘The best chance we’ll get’ shift the tone in the direction of rock hooks, and sing along choruses . The later track allows Dave to show off some guitar solos whilst the thrashing snare drums are guaranteed to get live audiences stomping along. The band already have their first live show date on Friday 25 June 2021 at The Sunflower Lounge and is sure to be an early sell out:

Wax Futures, Dead Hands, and Palm Reader all get a shout out in the final track ‘This wasn’t part of the plan’. The almost 7 minute epilogue features piano , synths , and even horns to send the listener off on a high.