EP Review: ‘Sun Comes Up’ by Adam John

It’s a good time to be a country music fan in the West Midlands. Home grown talent Demi Marriner recently topped the itunes Country Music Chart with her new ‘Tracks and Trails’ EP. Now it’s the turn of Adam John to repeat this success with his debut EP ‘Sun Comes Up’.

Gig goers around the Midlands will already recognise Adam John as the talented lead guitarist from heavy rock band Southfall. The band have toured widely this year with sell out gigs across the UK and strong reviews for their debut EP ‘Awakening’. There is little doubt that the band are going to want to hold onto Adam John as they look to record a full album and take their shows to bigger and brighter venues.

In his solo acoustic show Adam John has already won many fans across the West Midlands. I first saw him perform in December, where several members of the audience congratulated him after the show,  and he was booked again before he’d managed to get off the stage. Adam John has been blessed with voice of a country great from the American mid-west, brought up on Malboro, and sour mash. He’s voice is matched by his confidence as a guitar player, developed over many years of live shows. It’s hard not to be impressed.

Adam John’s EP is a blend of uplifting summertime tales; stories of recklessness and drunken abandonment, mixed with authentic black country melodies, and catchy hooks. The lyrics themselves hold a lot of meaning; a life lived to the full, and a heart that’s been broken and mended, maybe just as many times as its broken and mended the hearts of others.

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Sun Comes Up is certainly the stand out track on the EP. This is one to turn up loud and sing along with. A no-apologies, feel good anthem. There’s a fast flowing rhythm, upbeat chord progressions, and a story of how life should  be lived.

Small Town Boy and Holdin’ On are slower tracks with more reflection and soul-searching.  The difference in tempo gives Adam John a chance to emphasis that distinguished voice,  and demonstrate some more intricate guitar work.

Remember Me picks up the pace again, and then the EP is gracefully ended with Just Tonight. Both hold stories of personal experience, and relationships that make you long for each other after the first whirlwind moments have passed. The tempo of the title track isn’t repeated, but there is plenty of depth in the guitar playing and lyrics to keep you listening throughout.

You can find the Sun Comes Up on Soundcloud but I’d strongly recommend following Adam John on Facebook and getting  yourself to one of his live shows, for an accomplished performer with many inspiring tales.

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