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Review: ‘Origins’ Siderian

Strap-in for sickeningly fast grooves and dark technical riffs from the first to the last track on ‘Origins’ by Siderian. The Northampton five-piece have spent three years cutting their teeth in the likes of Roadmender, Raffs, and The King Billy and all that experience is now recorded in a blistering debut album.

The path to releasing these tracks has been particularly eventful for Siderian. Not least because the band overcame 700 other applicants to reach the final heat to play at Amplified Festival 2019. The event takes place at Firebug on 21 June 2019 courtesy of FatAngel Bookings and Resin Events. What better way to release an album!

It’s no coincidence that the band have found themselves in league with Neil Hudson at Initiate Audio and Media Studios. The experiences taken from Krysthla and Gutworm can be heard throughout ‘Origins.’ There’s brutal depth to the technical guitar aspects to the album like opener ‘Geneva’ with its unique tone to offset the terrifying screams of David Pope and double bass pedals and blast beats of John Booth. ‘Origins’ is a perfect example of what bands can achieve when partnered with hugely experienced and talented technicians.

Many of the tracks here will already be familiar to fans of the band. ‘Oleum’ with it’s machine-gun fast thrash lyric style was picked up by BBC Introducing, as was ‘Lizard Method Statement’ with it’s searing grooves, and a stand out track to get live fans into a frenzy. Official videos for both tracks can be found below.

Siderian ‘Origins’ is going to feature on the heaviest and most extreme playlists in 2019 so don’t get left without a copy.

Released 21st June 2019.

Dave Pope – Vocals
James Upton – Guitar
James Evans – Guitar
John Booth – Drums
Chris Cox – Bass

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