Review: ‘I’ Debut EP by Pelugion

How do you follow up a sell out show at HRH Metal Festival in Birmingham and appearances at Uprising Festival and MACCOV? For Pelugion the answer was simple: release a colossal debut EP and book a place at Bloodstock Festival.

Throughout 2018 John, Brandon and Andy have continued to treat their fans to incredible live shows around the UK including a return to Uprising and a trip to South Wales Dementia Aware Festival . During the same period the three Coventry lads went head to head with the Midlands best up and coming metal bands at Coventry Metal To The Masses 2018.

Somehow between gigs , festivals , and M2TM appearances , Pelugion managed to get to Univibe Studios to record ‘Bane of Humanity’ with Dan Willett. The boys also teamed up with Lost In The Crowd Media to film an official music video. Now with Bloodstock Open Air Festival just around the corner what better time to showcase the songs that brought them this far.

‘Believe’ was the song that caught my attention when I first saw Pelugion live at The Rainbow Venues Birmingham with Noctum,  Steelwing and Dakesis. Brandon’s pounding drum intro  followed by a pulsating guitar hook that lifted me away from the tiny cellar bar and straight to the front of the stage. As Andy’s mammoth vocals took over I remember looking round and seeing the smiles in the crowd and heads beginning to nod. Half way through the song John unleashes a solo which twists and writhes to the rhythm of Andy’s bass riff. The final third of the song shifts down a gear into a sludgy distorted grandstand for fans to bow their head and mosh reverently all the way to the end of the song..

‘Serpents Mistress’ and ‘Bide My Time ‘ follow a Kyuss influenced pattern of groove fuelled stoner rock that complement the bands heavier tracks ‘Remedy’ and ‘Monster’ with nods to Sabbath, Dio, and Judas Priest. Bluesy riffs and solos are injected into every pause as the band seek to thrill the listener in the sleaziest way possible. Andy’s vocals are remarkably versatile, bringing an authentic rock sound to up-tempo tracks like ‘Desire’ just as comfortably as he does for slower tracks like ‘Serpents Mistress’. John’s lightening fast solos are just a mesmerising to listen to on the EP as they are live and several times I found myself shifting back thirty seconds into a track to listen again.

2018 track ‘Bane of Humanity’ feels like a step change for the band with a leap towards the thrash inspired sounds of Metallica and Megadeth. As the band continue to perform to bigger audiences and more prestigious line ups they will undoubtedly look to grow and experiment.  The track holds up well to the challenge and Pelugion find themselves in good company with established thrash metal acts like Solitary and Incinery already on the FatAngel Management roster. Time is very much on the band’s side and it’s important to remember that this is their first collection of tracks.

With EP I Pelugion are finally taking their unique blend of revved-up groove metal to Bloodstock Festival and I strongly recommend catching Pelugion live on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival on Friday August 10th

Track Listing: Monster / Bide My Time / Desire / Bane Of Humanity / Remedy / Bury Me / Serpent’s Mistress / Believe
Pelugion Are: John Pittaway – Guitars Brandon Balou – Drums Andy Sweeney – Bass / Vocals

Artwork and CD layout by Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art.

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