West Midlands bands come together for Surprise You’re Dead music

Like many small businesses across the globe, West Midlands gig promoters Surprise You’re Dead Music have been heavily affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic – all of their shows have been cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future and last week they launched a crowdfunding campaign to help raise fund to see them through this difficult time.

In response to Surprise You’re Dead’s struggles, the West Midlands rock and metal community of bands has come together to release a special compilation.

Everything’s Ruined was released, Friday 27 March, via Bandcamp. It features 20 local artists and all money raised will go direct to the Surprise You’re Dead fundraiser.

The compilation has been put together by heavy rock duo Chapter Nineteen, whose brand new, as-yet-untitled, single is the opening track.

Chapter Nineteen’s singer/guitarist Dave Musson is a long-time friend of Surprise You’re Dead and supporter of the West Midlands heavy music scene; he ran Dave’s World Podcast from 2016-2018, a weekly show that celebrated local bands.

Dave said: “Surprise You’re Dead are one of the most important parts of our local scene; if you’re in a rock or metal band, you will almost certainly want to play one of their shows, while if you’re a fan of heavy music then you’ve probably attended their events too. It’s vital that they’re able to get through the next few months so that, when it’s safe to have gigs again, Birmingham and the West Midlands can go back to having incredible shows for us all to enjoy. If putting this compilation out can help in any way, then it’s definitely been worth it.”

As well as helping to raise funds for Surprise You’re Dead, the compilation is a celebration of the talent found in the local scene. A range of genres are covered across the 20 tracks; from rock and metal, with bits of punk, hardcore, post-rock and even a bit of drone too.

Dave added:”If ever you wanted to know how highly regarded Surprise You’re Dead are in our local scene, you only need to look at the response to this compilation; in less than two days I had 20 acts agree to take part – some have played a Surprise You’re Dead show in the past, some haven’t, but everyone appreciates what a positive impact they’ve had on our scene and want to help them out.

“I know it’s an uncertain time, but if people can afford to buy this compilation and help support Surprise You’re Dead I’d be really happy. Not only that, you might just discover your new favourite band!”

The compilation Everything’s Ruined is available from https://chapter19band.bandcamp.com/album/everythings-ruined

It costs £5 with all profits going to Surprise You’re Dead Music.

Full tracklist:

  1. Chapter Nineteen – New Song (Lockdown Mix)
  2. Ill Vision – Chaser
  3. Black Coast – Break the Routine
  4. Ashen Crown – Ultimatum
  5. SUE – Gotta Gotta Gotta
  6. Pelugion – Bane of Humanity
  7. Outlander – Threadbare
  8. Face Up – In the Dark
  9. Second Cities – Broken Lung
  10. Cauldron – …When Goodbyes Ring Like Gunshots
  11. This Burning Age – Disappeared
  12. Broken Looking Glass – Seventh Resident
  13. Netherhall – Distant
  14. Dead Hands – Challenge TV
  15. Secrets of Mariana – No Escape
  16. Recall the Remains – First Inversion
  17. Splintered – Ultimate Power
  18. When the Wolf Comes Home – Business in the Front Knife in the Back
  19. Oldernar – Collective Frequencies
  20. Forty Barrel Bull – My Body is an Atlas