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New video: ‘Oceans (Elemental Hero Bubbleman)’ Second Cities

Birmingham based post hardcore band Second Cities have been keeping themselves busy in quarantine. The new video for ‘Oceans (Elemental Hero Bubbleman)’ has been recorded by the five lads whilst in lockdown. You can see Jamie jamming in the shower and Josh drumming his way through the kitchen cupboards. 

With so many gigs cancelled, it’s good to see what the boys have been up to in their spare time. We’re looking forward to hearing more from Second Cities as they prepare to launch their debut EP ‘Old With The Old’. 

Second Cities say of the track:

It was written at a time where our drummer was experiencing relationship problems and so the lyrics are very “heart on the sleeve” to create a cathartic track for both the listeners and performers.

Second Cities are

Jamie – Vocalist 

Tony – Guitar  

Elle – Guitar  

Damon – Bass  

Josh – Drums

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